Brand Story

Dog - Always on call for people because they're most loyal friend and kindest partner.
Shield - The strongest and safest protective tool.
Black and White - Day and night.

The tenet of SUNPROTECTED is, we hope all of our products could be your most loyal partner. Protect your safe day and night.



SPT is intent on design, manufacture and selling the consumer electronics with Apple MFi certification. The goal spirit in SPT is to provide consumers with our wonderful innovation and high quality products.  We designed many Apple MFi certified product applications to verify the user's life possibility and become more convenient on iDevice.



Main Product Series

Five Product Series in Sunprotected :

  1. iPower series for iPhone Fast Charging & Backup
  2. iLink series for iPhone Backup
  3. iSecure series for iPhone Security
  4. Accessories
  5. ODM


  1. iPower series
    The products are design to support rapid charging with multiple devices in the same time and backup. We integrate encryption technology in this series to secure data during backup.
  2. iLink series
    The products are design to auto backup the data to external storage place during charging. We create the easiest way to backup data.
  3. iSecure series
    The products are design to protect data with AES-256 hardware encryption technology; besides, we increase biometric (finger print and face ID) technology in our system to improve the security and convenience.
  4. Accessories
    iPhone/iPad accessories, Apple MFi authorized USB to Lightning or Type-C to Lightning Cable.
  5. ODM
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