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【iPower UC】3 in 1 (Fast Charging, Auto Backup, Data Secure) Smart Charger


The backup adapter is also a fast charger for charging, backup and data encryption. An adapter is available in all the three functions.


Do you always ignore these issues?
Ⅹ The storage of free iCloud is not enough.

Ⅹ Forgot to back up the data before your iPhone is lost.
Ⅹ Have no idea how to back up data, so you need help when you change a new iPhone.

5 major features to easily overcome the above conditions:

Easily Back Up|Auto back up the data while charging your iPhone.
Safety Guarantee|Certificate from Apple MFi and Japan PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials)

Data Secure|Military grade of AES-256 encryption for backup data to protect your privacy.

No Need for Adapter|All-in-one design. Integrate power adapter and backup function.

Fast Charging|iPower UC provides 15W charging is faster than Apple 5W adapter.


Connect iPower UC and iPhone, and plug iPower UC into power outlet. Auto backup function will be activated automatically. The intuitive operation design makes it easy to use for the elders of your family.


Simple operation interface:

  • Automatically record the time of last backup. iPower UC won’t back up repeatedly even you change the micro SD card.

  • In addition to photos and videos of the camera roll, you can also choose whether to back up contact information.

  • iPower UC also can back up the data on iCloud via WiFi. Completely back up all of your data.


The accessory has MFi certification or not is very important for you if it is not manufactured by Apple. MFi certification means the accessory is authorized from Apple to produce. It’s a guarantee for the quality of product.

iPower UC has MFi certification so can be used with iPhone and iPad with confidence.
* iPower UC is currently not available from the official system because it is only shown when there are sales records.
    But you can search our brand name “Sunprotected”, then you can see the products that have MFi licensed in over the years. iPower UC will be record after it has sales records in the future.

 ◆ Official website for searching MFi Licensed Accessories:


In addition to, there are five protection circuit design for the safety of product.




iPower UC can be shared with people to back up data, do not to worry about your privacy being peeked because the data are protected by military grade of AES-256 encryption. The data will be saved to the corresponding folder with the name of that phone according to different iPhone.



If you don’t want to encrypt the backup data, the secure backup function can be disable in App.




There is no any backup product that integrated power adapter and backup function. After two years of research and development, our design team has overcome many difficulties and finally integrated fast charging and backup into one. In addition, it also has encryption function and is more convenient to carry around. The all-in-one design is the first in the world. 




iPower UC provides 15W charging is nearly twice as fast as Apple 5W adapter.




Because the default format of iOS photo is .HEIF/.HEVC, it cannot be viewed by built-in software in Windows OS PC like commonly view .JPG or .PNG.

iPower UC App can help you to save the backed up photos as .JPG, so they could be viewed in any computers. 




App intuitive operation design for making it easy to use.




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