iSecure seriesiSecure Adapter


1. How to use iSecure Adapter?

iSecure Adapter is an exclusive external adapter for iPhone/iPad. It could transfer data from iPhone/iPad to USB flash drive and microSD card. Make your iPhone/iPad become a PC. 
* Power supply by micro USB cable is needed for accessing USB flash drive.


2. What other functions do iSecure Adapter have besides data transferring?

Besides data transferring, iSecure Adapter supports AES-256bit hardware encryption. It could encryption the files of iPhone/iPad and protects your data. 


3. Does iSecure Adatper charge iPhone/iPad when micro USB is plugged in power adapter?

No, the power only supply to iSecure Adapter device. It could not charge iPhone/iPad.


4. Which iDevices does iSecure Adapter support?

As long as iOS version of iPhone/iPad is iOS10.0 or higher, iSecure Adapter is supported.


5. Could iSecure Adapter be used without power supply?

Generally, power supply is not necessary for accessing microSD cards, but is needed for accessing USB flash drives.


6. Max capacity?

Max to 256GB, supports FAT32 and exFAT.


7. Can I plug portable hard disk in USB port to transfer the data?

No, USB port supports USB flash drive and single slot card reader only.



1. Can I transfer the photos directly from iCloud to USB flash drive/micro SD card?

Yes, any photo of iPhone/iPad “Camera Roll” is able to be transfer to iSecure Adapter, no matter the photos which saved in iPhone/iPad or iCloud.
 * Need to keep the network smooth during the transmission.


2. How do I use iSecure Adapter to do encryption?

In 「iPhone」(Local Storage) of App, select the file which you’d like to encrypt, and then tap on 「Encrypt」 and enter password or verify by Touch ID/Face ID to complete the encryption.


3. How can I decrypt the encrypted file if I lost my iSecure Adapter?

Just need to buy another iSecure Adapter to be the decrypt key, you can decrypt the encrypted file. Please notice you must remember the password which you encrypted the file. If you forget the password, even we could not decrypt the file.